Information for Student Volunteers

How can we estimate baseline income using available

data for households in the Dem. Republic of the Congo?

What does a recent survey tell us about domestic

violence survivors and help-seekers for different LGBT groups?

Program for Early Parent Support

Program for Early Parent Support

What do pre- and post-surveys tell us about the efficacy of peer support groups for new parents?

Cascadia Department of Bioregion

What does a survey of Cascadians reveal about local needs and wishes for bioregionalism?

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Services offered

We offer the following services to clients:

  • Survey & study design
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Data visualization
  • Software tutorials

Benefits of consulting

  • Get practical experience analyzing real-world data
  • Grow your applied portfolio for postgrad job searches
  • Help worthy Seattle non-profits serve their communities
  • No fixed commitment level: you can sign up even if you’re not sure you have time this quarter (though we hope you participate once per year)

Terms of participation

StatCom consultants provide data analysis and statistical consulting, based on shared expectations about the collaboration, as well as data and project confidentiality. These can be found in this document, and can be amended or appended as needed. Importantly, your time is protected. Deliverables should be met for your client but you can wrap up projects early if consulting time becomes limited.